CAD designing

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What do we offer in this service?

Based on your expectations, and specifications we deliver the complete 3D model and render of your envisioned object, product.

BONUS: we happily make various solutions for different manufacturing methods optimised for every production volume. This could save costs and time for you.

Would you like to reengineer an existing product?

Apart from modelling we deliver some optimising changes for making the production of an existing product cost-efficient. Then the production can start.


1-100 pcs volume (Economic order quantity)

Depending on the complexity of the product we opt for the most appropriate 3D printing method with:

  • You can hold the desired product within 3 days (if the 3D model is available).
  • You can reduce avoidable and unnecessary costs compared to other manufacturing methods.
  • You can place orders from a few mm to a meter wide products.

With 3D printing you can obtain different types of material sturctures (such as: flexible, rigid, thermoplastic, thermosetting, flame retardant, low viscosity products) Decide which option is needed and we deliver you the desired products.

What are 3D printed products suitable for?

  • End use prototypes
  • R&D inspections, experimentations
  • Master parts for mass production

vacuum casting

100-5000 pcs volume (Economic order quantity)

Vacuum casting is a suitable manufacturing method if you do not want to commit yourself financially to injection molding where the moulds’ costs are ten thousands euros. Many case studies justify the fact that it is a more competetive manufacturing method all the way up to 4-5000 pcs.

  • You can hold the first product within 3 days from the start of production.
  • Different materials (various shore hardness, flame retardant, thermoplastic, thermosetting…).
  • From a few mm to 40 cm wide products can be manufactured.
  • BONUS: in case of multi-part manufacturing we offer assembly services.

injection molding

1000+ pcs volume (Economic order quantity)

Are you interested in high-volume manufacturing? We offer our services in designing and manufacturing the molds besides manufacturing the desired quantity as well.

Why to choose us?

  • We accept inquiries of small volume (at least 1000 pcs) production with injection molding.
  • We complete the whole manufactruing proccess in-house.
  • Assure daily manufacturing capacity of 10.000 pcs.


business and managment

business sector

  • Marketing and advertisement startegies
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market research & market penetration strategies
  • Product & service development strategies
  • Brand managment & image development strategies
  • Image & design & appearance strategies
  • Customers’ loyalty & engagement strategies
  • Marketing & communication strategies
  • Pricing audit & analysis
  • Sustainability & CSR consulting
  • Generation changes & succesion consulting

Engineering consulting and product development

business sector

  • Prototype designing, production of sample series
  • 3D designing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Technical engineering
  • Production optimising, planning
  • Measuring, quality assurances
  • Mechanical and proccess audit preparation

Let’s make your ideas into reality in form of final products!


Most of our technologies are available in -house, so the first products can be taken under supervision within 3 days.


Any structural expectations can be achieved with the help of a wide range of materials. No compromise in colouring, rigidity, flexibility, antistatic properties.


We are fully transparent throughout the whole manufacturing proccess. If you wish we could present all the sub and main proccesses.



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